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“Someone asked me the other day, with all the crazy hassle of travel, why still get on airplanes after all these years. That’s a good question since I’ve racked up over 2 million miles flying all over the country, working with pastors. And I think that’s it – to work with pastors because I know how crucial the role is. I’ve been on that side of the table. The pastor is the vision caster. You can have echoes of the vision but there’s got to be the clear vision cast by the pastor.  I’ve been privileged to work with those folks, so  many  bright ones across the country, to coach them and to watch their fruit  – I like to say that my fruit grows on lots and lots of trees. That’s why I still get on airplanes.”

As a church planter, business entrepreneur and sixth generation ministry leader, Phil Ling provides energetic leadership and strategic direction to The Ling Group and The Giving Church consulting team. His expertise in building networks and developing resources to establish and strengthen congregations and non-profit organizations is a hallmark of his ministry and is an unparalleled asset to the clients he serves. Prior to launching his own consulting firm, Phil served as Vice President of Development for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, representing Franklin Graham, the President and CEO. Phil led a team of individuals with the responsibility of donor relations, underwriting of the annual operating budget that exceeded 130 million dollars, developing major donor strategies, Foundation interaction, and developing strategic partnerships. Preceding joining the executive leadership of BGEA, Phil served as Executive Vice President of INJOY Stewardship Services, representing the founder, Dr. John C. Maxwell, and the INJOY Group in the largest churches in America. Under Phil’s leadership, his mega-church teams successfully helped 350 churches raise in excess of 600 million dollars. Phil has 21 years of pastoral experience. Prior to serving INJOY, Phil successfully launched two dynamic ministries over a twenty-year span. The most recent, he served as founding pastor of the Northshore Christian Church (WA), and founder of Northshore Christian Academy. Under his leadership the church grew to nearly 2,500 in weekly attendance and the school became one of the largest private primary education institutions in the Pacific Northwest. Phil also served as Senior Minister of the historic Broadway Christian Church, Lexington, KY. Phil received a Master of Ministry degree from Kentucky Christian University and is a highly sought after speaker and ministry teacher. He is married to Georgia Curtis Ling , they have a son and daughter-in-law Philip and Lauren MacGrath Ling.

"My only regret about hiring PHIL LING as a coach was that I didn't do it ten years ago. PHIL LING is an amazing coach at a personal, church-wide and global organization level. One of the best 'Kingdom Return on Investments' I have ever made." - Greg Nettle, President, Stadia Global Church Planting

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  • Greg Nettle – President, Stadia Global Church Planting

    “My only regret about hiring Phil Ling as a coach was that I didn’t do it ten years ago. Phil is an amazing coach at a personal, church-wide and global organization level. One of the best ‘Kingdom Return on Investments’ I have ever made.”

  • Brett Andrews – Lead Pastor, New Life Church – Chantilly, VA

    “New wine needs new wineskins. Phil’s strength is offering fresh wineskins. He doesn’t just offer a cookie-cutter template, he thinks dynamically. He applies proven principles to fresh challenges. The result is a personalized campaign, a fresh approach, and the experience of watching God do a new thing in your church.”

  • Dwight Mason- Senior Pastor, NewPointe Community Church – Dover, OH

    “Phil Ling is knowledgeable and personable. He is able to connect and help you create a positive future. He is not only a good friend but a great coach in my leadership.”

  • Dave Elshaug- Executive Pastor, K2 the Church- Salt Lake City, UT

    “Phil Ling has been an invaluable resource to K2 the Church as a consultant during our capital campaign. His years of experience helped guide us through some difficult situations. As a coach, Phil is responsive and gave me and my team clear and concise advice. I would recommend Phil as a coach or consultant.”

"In a few short years THE LING GROUP has shaped us into a generous community. They are creative and listen. They make us better." SHAWN CASE- EXECUTIVE PASTOR, SOUTHBROOK CHRISTIAN CHURCH, DAYTON, OH

Fueling Generosity
Fueling Generosity
The Giving Church has partnered with over 500 churches around the world fueling generosity by designing custom generosity campaigns and initiatives designed to leverage vision to raise over one billion dollars.
Empowering Leaders
Empowering Leaders
The Giving Church believes that leadership matters. We help churches navigate biblical and practical leadership development to help your church get unstuck and empower leaders to lead for the journey!
Engaging Strategy
Engaging Strategy
The Giving Church believes 3 issues never go away- Personnel, Facilities, and Finances. What if you could build a God-honoring, world-changing plan for the future to meet those needs before they arise

Georgia Curtis Ling is a bestselling author, an award- winning writer, and a well-liked speaker who touches the heart and tickles the funny bone as she writes about faith, love, and life. She is the author of What’s in the Bible for Women, and the new Moms in Faith Bible Study series. Over the years her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and nine best-selling books including, God’s Vitamin “C” for the Spirit, God’s Abundance, and God’s Unexpected Blessings. She has been teaching and helping women find answers to life’s questions through the Bible since she graduated from Kentucky Christian University with a major in Bible in 1979. Georgia and her husband, Phil Ling, have been married 38 years and have one son and daughter-in-law, Philip and Lauren.

Are you looking for ways to be a better mom in today’s challenging times?

Do you want your kids to be leaders instead of followers?

From the author of the bestseller, What’s in the Bible for Women, comes Moms in Faith. This Bible Study is a fresh perspective that  will help you thrive in motherhood as you lead your children under the divine influence of God’s grace and faithfulness. You will discover a deeper and more fulfilling meaning to your simple title – Mom.

Fascinating mothers of the Old Testament come alive through inspirational biblical stories; revealing timeless truths and advice on raising your kids in today’s world. Paired with Georgia Curtis Ling’s contemporary insights, heartwarming stories and adventures in mommyhood, this book will equip you to be the best mom God wants you to be as you polish your own “motherly” leadership skills and along the way inspire, motivate, and nurture the leaders of tomorrow – your kids.

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“I just finished reading your book. It is excellent! You are very gifted!” JOHN C MAXWELL, NY TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR

“You have a gift and the Lord blesses your readers through it! I pray he will expand your audience so more will be blessed.” SENATOR VAL STEVENS, WASHINGTON

“Georgia is one of the most unique and entertaining writers I know. She is able to experience a common slice of life and pull a valuable spiritual application from it. I love her humor, spiritual depth, and powerful writing. I highly recommend her as a speaker and writer.” KATHY COLLARD MILLER, BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF THE GOD’S VITAMIN “C” FOR THE SPIRIT SERIES

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